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Sherline Quick Change 1/4 Tool Holder #3 PN 2280 K20V

Sherline Quick Change 1/4 Tool Holder #3 PN 2280 K20V

Sherline Quick Change 1/4 Tool Holder #3 PN 2280 K20V    Sherline Quick Change 1/4 Tool Holder #3 PN 2280 K20V

To obtain hobby machines, I travel regularly through out the Midwest, South and Eastern United States from my residence near Toledo, Ohio. It's cheaper but it ain't free.

I do not deliver to Canada. I MIGHT BE ABLE TO DELIVER YOUR ORDER......... Emco_Hobby_Shoppe Listing Banner Revised 06/29/2022. I'm not looking for offers! Condition: Sherline tool holder in excellent condition; s.

Ome tool marks from use. Includes a very nice Kaiser Thinbit 5/16" Right Hand SFT56R cutting tool in "AS IS condition. Some oxidation and oil stains as can.

Be expected from sitting unused for ages. I DON'T HAVE IT IN STOCK. It's kind of sad really, because I happened to know they were good people with a good product. Blocking can be the result of any or all of the following. Low ball offers especially on items without "Make an Offer" - These are offensive.

This suggestion should not cause anyone to go off the rails! In the past when I've reversed a block, 100% of the time a repeat offense occurs. It's just in the nature of these buyers. But, not the way I choose to do business. I can't really account for this but it can be frustrating not knowing where a package is.

Some would call it trash but there are no food products in the box. This re-use is good for our land fills in Michigan. I will provide the pallet and band the item to it.

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If accepted, you will have access to a wealth of downloadable information and can post questions. They cover all questions and discussions pertaining to ALL the above lathes and mills.

This is by far the largest group of Emco lathe owners in the world. ANY question pertaining to parts INTERCHANGEABILITY between different models or brands unless stated in the listing. ANY engineering inquiry regarding SIZE, WEIGHT, LENGTH & DIAMETER. Please join a user group and post your questions to the group (as noted above). I get more than 1000 parts requests each year....... I don't have any software for keeping track of these requests.

I can be found at Emco Hobby Shoppe if you have something to sell. With my older inventory, if I'm motivated, I lower the prices gradually over time.

In general, I respond unfavorably to low ball offers and especially so, when "Make An Offer" is not part of the listing. I typically have quite a stack of sales to process. This item is in the category "Business & Industrial\CNC, Metalworking & Manufacturing\Metalworking Equipment\Metalworking Lathes". The seller is "emco_hobby_shoppe" and is located in this country: US.

This item can be shipped to United States.

  • Brand: Sherline
  • Machine Type: Metal Lathe or Mill
  • Model: Sherline Mill or Lathe
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Sherline Quick Change 1/4 Tool Holder #3 PN 2280 K20V    Sherline Quick Change 1/4 Tool Holder #3 PN 2280 K20V